About Us

At Ann-Celeste London, we want you to wear your thoughts. Be bold, focused, colourful and liberated with patterns that understands your feelings.

Express yourself through a range of designs and styles that simply seek to visualise your lifestyle.

Brimming with an inspired passion to define and redefine the Art of Look, we draw from a rich heritage of African themes and celebrated European form to present articles not only worth wearing but adorning.

The Ann-Celeste brand is based in London but enjoys patronage and partnership with professionals from around the world.

Today’s world demands fashion styles that inspire flair and freedom. Our authentic range seeks to introduce comfort and plush that is bold and adaptable to any lifestyle…with a vision to create a fresh and exciting new fashion brand suitable for a conscious generation.

The Spring and Summer collections in particular, will appeal to today’s confident women who deserve to feel special and distinct.

Wear incredible style everyday…everywhere! Be chic and noticeable with our contemporary Ann-Celeste brand. Let our exciting fusion of European fabric and African colour blocks take you somewhere new, be it through clothing or accessories.